Festival of Eco — technologies

Festival of Ecotechnologies organized by Russian Ecovillages and Ecoinitiatives Network was held on 3-6 August 2012 in
Community of kin’s domains «Blagodat’» (Yaroslavl’ district). About 300 participants from Russia, the Ukraine and Belorussia: general public, representatives of tens of Russian ecovillages and kin’s domains, eco — NGOs, creative groups and mass media
visited 40 workshops, presentations and lections covering various areas: from high technology resourse saving equipment to old traditional technologies. Among the most popular were «Ecohouse building» by great master in this area Igor Ogorodnikov from Irkutsk, JSC «Ecodom», «Strawbale house building» (Community of kin’s domains «Slavnoye»), «Solar panel for autonomous house energy supply» by Mikhail Shestero, «Dom Druzei na Prirode» («Country House for Friends»). Specialist on waste utilization, Igor Babanin from Saint-Petersburg, told about the problem of consumerism and issue of waste recycling.
There were workshops on traditional technologies: building of clay oven for baking bread, handmade tools for hay harvest (scythe and
rake), log houses, making of homespun, production of linen from the seed, goat breeding, ancient Slavic art of egg painting, weaving birch bark and others. Agricultural workshops were about building of a high garden-bed, making of beehive for natural beekeeping,
making of vermicompost, nutritious fertilizer for plants and others. In the framework of cooking master classes specialists told about home cheese-making, canning without sugar, building of eco-«refrigerator», food, beverages and medicine made with wild plants, etc. One of the most popular topic was devoted to fermented herbal tea, especially to «ivan-chai». Representatives from three ecovillages: «Grishino», «Selenka» and «Big Stone» shared their experience on brewing of this ancient traditional Russian drink.

The fair of eco-friendly goods was open all 4 days of the festival where one could buy handmade, healthy goods, such as grains for sprouting, honey, dried fruits and nuts, herbal compositions, eco-friendly detergents, handmade soap and other.

In the frame of the festival there was informal meeting of ecovillages where representatives of about 12 ecovillages and kin’s domain communities shared information and their experience. Annual open meeting of the Russian Ecovillages and Ecoinitiatives Network took place on the last day of the festival, August 6, where current issues and new projects were discussed, and new members were welcome to enter the Network.

Evening program included movies on environmental issues and Russian traditional folk dances, round dances, games and songs, live music organized by enthusiasts and folk groups. Playground for children was built in the forest together with workshop on building of tent from forest materials. Excursion to visit kin’s domains community «Blagodat’» was organized for several groups of interested people.

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