Два образовательных курса по экотехнологиям в Европе (24 сентября-2 октября и 8-9 октября)

Wind Turbine Training Course from Sep 24-Oct 2, 2016

Twelve people will take part over 9 days in the building and installation of a domestic wind power turbine. The Piggott engine was designed to be easy to build, to have good electricity production in average wind conditions and to be resistant to strong winds.
Its inventor, Hugh Piggott, has been promoting his expertise and his plans all over the world for over twenty years. Marie-Laure Brunel, a Tripalium trainer with 6 years’ practical experience in the Piggott method, will guide you through all the steps of the crafting process. She will be coming to us from Los Portales ecovillage in Spain.

During this training course, we will build a 3-meter diameter wind power turbine that will be connected to the electrical grid. The training consists of some theory (aerodynamics, mechanics, energy performance, electricity…) mixed with a lot of practical work. Rotating workshops provide the opportunity to engage in all the different steps.

Three Workshops

Wood workshop: The first step is the carving of the wooden blades, resulting in a product that looks like a plane wing.

Mechanics workshop: A second-hand vehicle wheel hub will be used as the rotation axis for the helix. The casing will be welded from a steel tube and corner piece.

Resin & Electricity workshop: The disk-shaped generator is entirely made by the trainees. It is composed of a stator and two rotors. A copper wire is wound onto a bobbin, and the bobbins are cast into resin to form the stator. Magnets are fixed on steel disks to create the rotors.

Cost of training course:

500 Euros per participant, tax included.
50 Euros non-refundable deposit upon acceptance (deducted from total cost).
For more information about the course, contact us at info@suderbyn.se.

Short Course Oct 8-9: Raise the Tower!

A supplemental weekend course on October 8-9 to raise the Piggott turbine on its tower.
During this course you will learn how to install the wind turbine on its 18m guyed-wire tower, and raise it using a manual level arm system with gin pole. We will connect the turbine to a battery bank for a remote system.
100 Euros per participant, tax included.
Запись опубликована в рубрике English с метками . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

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