GEN-E Announcements (новости GEN и зарубежных экопоселений)

Dear friends, (GEN ambassadors, ecovillage members, activists and correspondents to be),

Thanks to your help the first GEN News was successfully sent out in January to 10 000 addresses. The second will reach even more! GEN News is a vital communications medium to share the most important developments unfolding in Ecovillages around the world.

With this in mind, we ask you to share GEN News with all of your networks, journalists and interested people you work and live with.
You can find it online:

Please encourage all interested people to subscribe the GEN Newsletter directly at the website:

This will make our database grow and with this our outreach.

And then again: We ask you as members of ecovillages, networks, activists or ambassadors to share the news about your work.

Please write down your new inventions, your success stories, actions and developments that make a difference: that empower women, help local economies, support regional autonomy and inspire people all over the world to change their lives wherever they live on Earth.

Again, we hope to have one or two stories from every region of GEN: North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia/Oceania and one story from Next Gen. It can be stories in the field of ecology, economy, social sustainability, technical solutions, culture, the Arts, Spirituality…anything that is inspiring, informative, newsy!

The newsletter is also a medium which is sent to international press and interested journalists. Some stories from the first newsletter were already re-published in different magazines. This is why we won´t so much share the internal stories of GEN — meetings, decision making processes. We will still share these stories on our websites.
Some writers´ guidelines:

What did you find interesting in the last weeks — from your ecovillage or from an ecovillage that you travelled to?

Where are technical solutions, inventions, activities, new stages of the development?

Where and how did you go public and make more people in the mainstream aware of this different way to live?

Write news stories as precise and short as you can — or just give us the idea. Don´t worry about bad English or lacking writing skills — we will edit the stories. We will use them either for the newsletter or for the website.
The story should not be longer than 300-500 words.

Please add one to three photos.

Send them to:

Watch out: The deadline is 10th of March. We want to send the newsletter by the end of March.
Thank you, namasté and salaam

The Newsletter Team
Kosha Joubert, Lara Kastelic, Leila Dregger, Ulrike Schimmel, Jenefer Marquis, Barbara Provost

Lara Kastelic

Global Ecovillage Network — Europe

Phone:  0049 39000 903197 | skype: manamappe



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