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Invitation to the Seventh Festival of Ecotechnologies (August, 16-19, 2018. Russia)

Russian Ecovillages & Initiatives Union invites you to visit the central annual big event, where ecovillagers from all parts of Russia meet each other, where our network general assembly takes place, where a lot of fun, knowledge and activities are for … Читать далее

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Два образовательных курса по экотехнологиям в Европе (24 сентября-2 октября и 8-9 октября)

Wind Turbine Training Course from Sep 24-Oct 2, 2016 Twelve people will take part over 9 days in the building and installation of a domestic wind power turbine. The Piggott engine was designed to be easy to build, to have … Читать далее

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Reforestation with biochar

Reforestation with biochar by Achim Ecker Especially in deforested regions with depleted soils, farmers are challenged to create and store enough humus to be able to start the reforestation process that eventually will protect the land from bush fires and … Читать далее

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Baltic Ecovillage Network Newsletter (новости Балтийской Сети Экопоселений)

Newsletter #1, 2016 Editorial Entering its 3rd year, BEN keeps gathering creative energy as a facilitator of sustainable innovation in the region. Last year was special for us — what first seemed as a slow and tranquil year for the … Читать далее

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GEN Europe Family Newsletter — Новогоднаяя новостная рассылка европейской семьи экопоселений

Hola GEN Europa Family! The GEN-Europe Team hopes you have had a warm and cozy Christmas and wishes you the best for the year 2016!  GEN Europe has gone through a lot of changes the last year and is spreading … Читать далее

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The 4th Festival of Ecotechnologies

It was already the 4th time when the Festival of Ecotechnologies was organized by Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union (former Eco-village and ec0-initiative Network). This time it took place from 7th to 10th August 2015 in Rodovoe kin domain village … Читать далее

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О 3-ем российском фестивале экотехнологий по английски: «Three days at the Ark— what we’ve seen, done, learned and experienced»

Источник — проект REALS: http://realsproject.org The 3rd Festival of eco-technologies in Kovcheg, August 2014 Written by Alisa Sidorenko, CEMUS.    Photo Anna Denisova SPbU Early morning, still fresh and crisp before daytime heat, a group of people in the meadow … Читать далее

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BEN NEWSLETTER: новости Балтийской Сети Экопоселений (на английском)

Ссылка для просмотра: BEN_Newsletter1_140314 In English

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BEN Newsletter 4/2013 (новости Балтийской Сети Экопоселений)

Нажмите на эту ссылку, чтобы ознакомиться с новым выпуском новостей объединения экопоселений балтийского региона (pdf, англ.)

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GEN-E Announcements (новости GEN и зарубежных экопоселений)

Dear friends, (GEN ambassadors, ecovillage members, activists and correspondents to be), Thanks to your help the first GEN News was successfully sent out in January to 10 000 addresses. The second will reach even more! GEN News is a vital … Читать далее

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